A continuous work in progress.

If you met me as a friend, I’d tell you that I’m creative, family-oriented, friendly, and adventurous- a person determined to live with no regrets(while keeping it classy of course). On any number of trips, you can find me perusing local culture at markets and museums, or asking around for the must-try food spot.

Myanmar Lake Tahoe

If you met me as a professional, I’d say digital marketing leader specializing in branding, strategy, and user experience. In reality, I’m a combination of both of those descriptions – I believe that infusing your personal purpose into your work is the key to creating meaningful results. Success in the current climate requires diverse skill-sets, constant evolution, and a knack for understanding your audience.

Professional Experience

Lawrence Mien

I’ve spent the last 4 years working with one of the leading commerce companies in the games industry. Prior to that, I built my professional life in tech, non-profit, music, and film.

In my experience I’ve had the opportunity to give talks at GDC, launch Xsolla’s newest global product and brand strategy, and fundraise for an $8 million non-profit alongside key supporters such as Disneyland Resorts, Coldwell Banker, and Wells Fargo.

My focus now is to continue growing my leadership skills while evolving my expertise to a global enterprise level.

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